SportsEngine Registration: Grant Jr. Bulldogs

GJB Fundamentals 2018


Jr. Bulldog - Fundamental Football Skills Camp

Success on the football field results from practice, repetitions and confidence. This camp is designed to help players develop skills that will help them succeed in tackle football. At the end of the day, players who understand the game, play with more confidence and generally experience more personal and team success. In this camp, participants will focus on the on the following skills…


We will meet on Fridays for 4 weeks....

WHEN: Friday 4/6, 4/20, 4/27 & 5/4

WHERE: Big Hollow Primary School Gym. Go to the Primary School front entrance off Fish Lake Rd.


2018 Bantam and Feather Weight 6-7pm

2018 Middle Weight and up (Middle, JV, Varsity) 7-8pm


  • Athletic / Dynamic Stretching– Players will increases hip, leg and torso flexibility to increase speed and power off the ball.
  • Blocking / Tackling Skills- Players will get repetitions to help refine blocking and tackling skills with a special focus on keeping their head out of contact to reduce the risk of head and neck injury. Promotes modern best-practice technique and player safety.
  • HBA (Huddle, Break, Alignment) – Players will get meaningful repetitions to simulate our up-tempo (fast-paced and accurate) style of offense and defense.
  • Stance and Start– Players will develop skills to help improve their quickness and intensity at the snap of the ball.
  • SWARM Drill- This drill will help players understand the concept of fast-moving TEAM defense, while helping players understand how their individual position fits into the whole defense.
  • Teambuilding Activities- Participants will have the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills essential to success in sports, school and life in general.
  • And More…- Any other skills and drills that the players want to work on as time permits…


Please direct questions to:

Kevin Art

Director of Tackle Football